Rolling Warehouse Ladders

Warehouse Rolling Ladders Are A Good Investment

Rolling warehouse ladders feature advanced engineering designs that are specifically designed to either meet or exceed ANSI and OSHA regulatory standards.  Ladders combine mobility, ease of use, and worker safety through a number of features that have become industry standard to ladder design.  Both assembled and unassembled models can be ordered from our online inventory.  Multiple shipping locations throughout the United States allow for cost-effective shipping, minimal risk of product damage while in transit, and expeditious delivery.  

Basic steel rolling warehouse ladders are rated with a weight capacity of 450 lbs and represent the most commonly sought after option in our inventory.  Feature rich, this line of steel ladders makes a practical, attractive addition to any shipping or storage option.

  • All models in this line ship fully assembled and ready to use

  • The 59 degree climbing angle is optimal for safe, forward ascent

  • 11 color options, protected by a durable powder coat finish

  • Multiple top step sizes available: 10 inches, 20 inches, or 30 inches

  • Two options in tread: Performa and Grip Strut (heavy duty environments)

  • Models with 1-4 steps have spring loaded casters

  • Models with 5 or more steps secured with Safelock system

Unassembled rolling warehouse ladders can also be ordered direct from our call center. Unassembled ladders offer lower freight costs to facilities looking to save on shipping.  An extensive product line features ladders with 3 to 19 steps.  Standard step depth is 7 inches.  Top steps measure 10 inches, 20 inches, or 30 inches.  Spring loaded casters are standard on ladders of up to 4 steps, and Safelock engineering is standard for models with 5-19 steps.  

Forward descent ladders are designed for safe downward climbing.  To maximize worker balance and safety, this line features units with a climbing angle of only 50 degrees.  Standard weight capacity is 450 lbs.  Several features are common to all models, with some features subject to user choice.

  • Choose 12 inch top step or 24 inch top step

  • Choose between 5 and 19 steps

  • Smaller models can be shipped assembled or disassembled

  • Larger models ship disassembled, with Safelock system standard on 5 or more

Industrial grade rolling warehouse ladders are also built for forward descent.  These models are designed for heavy-duty environments and feature a base that is constructed from 1 ¼ inch steel tubing.  Users can choose between Performa or Grip Strut tread options.  Models feature a choice of 9-15 steps.  A 50 degree climbing angle is standard to all models in this line to maximize worker safety during downward climbs.  The Safelock system is standard on all models to ensure stability during use.

Rolling warehouse ladders are used in virtually every type of storage facility.  Weight capacity and work elevation are the two most important factors in ladder selection.  While aluminum ladders are also available for lighter applications, most warehouse models are built from steel in order to withstand the rugged, fast-paced labor of shipping and distribution centers.

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