Track Ladders

Save Time & Money With A Dual Track Warehouse Ladder.Slant Zero’s Warehouse Track Ladders Provides Access To 33% More Vertical Storage Space!”
No matter how well you plan your storage and inventory requirements, more space always seems to be required. The patented dual track warehouse ladder is designed to provide safe, convenient access to tall shelving on both sides of narrow aisles in storage areas. A 33% increase in vertical storage space is typically achieved.

The key to this track ladder is the overhead carriage on which the ladder is mounted. This heavy duty carriage is mounted on dual tracks attached to shelving on both sides of the aisle. The carriage and ladder assembly rolls smoothly on these tracks along the length of the warehouse or storeroom aisle.

Swivel castors on the bottom of the ladder assist in this easy movement and the ladder sets firmly on rubber pad legs while in use. Additionally, the ladder rolls from side to side across the aisle on a track mounted on the carriage. This permits easy access to stock on each side and walk-by clearance. A hand-rail extends above the ladder for us while standing on the upper steps.

Cutting time in accessing your inventory save labor costs. Warehouse track ladders cuts your time to an absolute minimum and makes it much easier to store and retrieve items from inventory. Warehouse track ladders allow you to easily access 2 to 3 more feet of high shelf space. This can add up to thousands of square feet of storage space.

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